Aurora Wedding Band Terms & Conditions Of Booking


You / Your – This is the named person(s) on the booking contract 

Aurora – This is Aurora Wedding Band (  8 Middlerigg Road, Balloch, GLASGOW, G689DP)

Remaining Balance – This is the balance which you are due to pay after any deposits have been paid

Cancel / Cancelling – This is where you terminate your contract with Aurora Wedding Band

Wedding Date – This is the date outlined on your booking form.  

Calendar Months – If your wedding date is (for example) January 1st 2021.  December 1st 2020 would constitue 1 calendar month before your wedding.

Booking Contract/Booking Form – This is the signed contract which you have returned either via post or e-mail to Aurora.

    1 Cancellation Policy

1.1 If cancelling your booking with Aurora, a fee may be levied.  

1.2 If cancelling out with 12 calendar months of your event date then a £200 fee would be levied. 

1.3 If cancelling 9-12 calendar months before your event date then a £400 fee will be levied

1.4 If cancelling 6-9 calendar months before your event date, then 50% of your remaining balance should be paid.  

1.5 If cancelling 3-6 calendar months before your event date, then 75% of your remaining balance should be paid. 

1.6 If cancelling 1-3 calendar months before your event date, then 85% of your remaining balance should be paid. 

1.7 If cancelling any time within 1 calendar month of your event date, then 100% of your remaining balance should be paid.  

1.8 If you have ever moved your wedding date as per the section outlined below and subsequently wish to cancel your booking, the ORIGINAL wedding date booked would be used to calculate the cancellation fee UNLESS your new event date is sooner.

1.9 Cancellations must be in writing.  

1.10 In order to ensure Aurora has received your notice of intent to cancel, written confirmation from Aurora will be sent.  In the event that you do not receive written confirmation accepting your intent to cancel, you should make further efforts to contact Aurora via e-mail, post, telephone or other means.

1.11 The cancellation date will be the date from when we receive your written notification of intent to cancel your contract.  

1.12 All cancellation payments should be made via cheque or electronic transfer no later than your original event date.

     2 Moving Your Wedding Date

2.1 If you elect to change the date of your booking with Aurora then this will be done free of charge one time only.   2.2 This is providing that Aurora is available on your new date and doesn’t have any current contracts pending for the new wedding date.  2.3 If Aurora is not available on your new date, then it is assumed that you wish to terminate your contract.  The cancellation policy as per your booking contract will then be applicable.  2.4 If you would like to move your wedding date more than once, then a £200 charge will be made each subsequent time you wish to move your date.

     3 Times

3.1 Your contract with us is for set times as detailed on your booking contract.  For example 20:00-00:00.  3.2 We recommend that you allow at least 45 minutes for Aurora to setup their equipment even though we are generally able to setup in around 30 minutes. 

3.3 If Aurora is not given access to the performance area to setup in time to commence their performance at the scheduled start time for any reason, Aurora will not be held accountable. 

3.4 Aurora will arrive around 40 minutes before the scheduled start time unless advised of any access issues as outlined in 3.5.  3.5 Unless told otherwise by you, Aurora assumes that access to the performance area is on the same level as egress from vehicle access and does not involve an extensive traverse by foot.  3.6 If access to the performance area is not as described in section 3.5, it is your responsibility to make Aurora aware of this in advance.  3.7 If Aurora have not been made aware of any access issues, Aurora will not be held responsible for any delays which may occur.  

     4 Payment

4.1 Payment of your remaining balance must be settled before Aurora commence their performance.  4.2 Payment of your remaining balance can generally only be made in cash.  4.3 Cheques, card payments, electronic transfers can only be made by written prior arrangement at least 28 days before the wedding date with Aurora and are subject to individual consideration.  4.4 All monies paid are non-refundable. This includes deposit payments and final balance payments made before, on or after the event date. 4.5 Administration fees may be applied if paying via cheque or electronic means.  At your request, we will provide you with a receipt for any payment you make.

4.6 Aurora reserve the right to withdraw from the performance should any of these terms not be met.  4.7 You would still be liable to pay the full remaining balance within 28 days of the event date should Aurora discontinue their services.

     5 Damage

5.1 Only members of Aurora Wedding Band are permitted to use or operate audio & visual equipment provided by Aurora Wedding Band.  This includes musical instruments.  5.2 Repairs or replacement of damaged or stolen equipment caused by any unauthorised person, will be the responsibility of the named person on the booking contract.  5.3 Should any damage or theft occur, Aurora reserve the right to withdraw from the performance.  5.4  In the event that damanged equipment is beyond economical repair, the damaged equipment shall be replaced.  5.5 Some equipment forms part of a matched set, in the event that one damaged or stolen item is beyond economical repair, or irreplacable, the entire set must be replaced.  5.6 Should Aurora need to hire equipment in order to perform at subsequent events, you will be responsible for the cost.  5.7 You will be responsible for any lost earnings incurred by Aurora due to an inability for perform at subsequent weddings.  5.8 In the event that damage or theft occurs, Aurora will notify you straight away and invoice you within 7 days.  5.9 The invoice should be paid in full within 28 days.  

    6 Breaks

6.1 Aurora usually take two breaks.  The first lasting around 45 minutes. and the second lasting around 15 minutes.  6.2 If playing past midnight, Aurora may or may not elect to have an addiional short comfort break.  

     7 Terms & Conditions 

7.1 These terms & conditions can be made available in paper form at your request.  7.2 Aurora reserves the right to change or update these terms without prior notice. 7.3 By completing and signing the Aurora booking contract you hereby agree to the terms & conditions listed herein.